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Introduction of google golang:

golang is an open-source language anyone can install and learn this language. golang is a simple syntax language. golang provide simple syntax which is help to write program fast. and easy-to-read program and understand the logic. go is an open-source language so anyone who has information about it can develop it in the go repository.  golang is developed by Google.
installation of go is in just a few clicks. google go lang is available for all high platforms likes windows, Linux, and Mac you can download it as per your os in the next google golang tutorial we provide you how to install go lang in windows and make your first go language program. yes, the first program in our 'hello world' program, 
after installation of go again we have to know where I write my go program... again go have no any high size edited like another language you can use any text editor like

  • notepad
  • VScod
  • notepad++
  • any online editor

Technogyyan Tutorials Target

we have to provide resources to someone who wants to learn something new and something which is helpful for this person. someone who wants to learn something new this person can learn easily with us. we provide better information in related language to understand this language in a simple format

what if I don't have pc? how I run the go program online or how I run the go program On a smartphone?

yes! you can run the go program on a smartphone also. for this, you have a visiting official online go compiler site where you can write a go code and run on the same site. you can run many programs online

is the online compiler have any limitations?

obviously, the online compiler has some limitations. you can run a basic program or some program you don't want a server connection then you can run in online but if you want to develop a website or web app with go language then you need a pc and you have to make a program in your pc. we will see next go programming language tutorials how to develop a website with golang.

requirement of installation golang:
it doesn't require any high specification system you can install in low-end pc also. with sufficient disk space and the best processor and normal ram. it sounds make confusing? don't worry I mention the minimum system requirement 

processor:i3 or dual-core
disk space:500MB

this specification is based on my thinking. it may work on a low specification system also.

which application is developed in golang?

  • Docker: a set of tools for deploying Linux containers
  • Openshift: a cloud computing platform as a service by Red Hat.
  • Kubernetes: The future of seamlessly automated deployment processes
  • Dropbox: migrated some of their critical components from Python to Go.
  • Netflix: for two-part of their server architecture.
  • InfluxDB: is an open-source time-series database developed by InfluxData.
  • Golang: The language itself was written in Go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Go Language


Flexible- It is concise, simple, and easy to read.
Concurrency- It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously and effectively.
Quick Outcome- Its compilation time is very fast.
Library- It provides a rich standard library.
Garbage collection- It is a key feature of go. Go excels in giving a lot of control over memory allocation and has dramatically reduced latency in the most recent versions of the garbage collector.
It validates for the interface and type embedding.


It has no support for generics, even if there are many discussions about it.
The packages distributed with this programming language are quite useful but Go is not so object-oriented in the conventional sense.
There is the absence of some libraries especially a UI tool kit.


Google go language is a well easy language anyone can learn this language with some basic information and this language build large applications some of them we are currently using like Netflix and many others. this language provides basic syntax to develop applications because of this many developers and companies like to use this language it saves time and makes a better product in less time.

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